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The Pallet Network’s pallet recycling scheme, which allows partners to take their expired pallets to TPN’s hub for use in carbon-neutral energy generation, has saved 300 tonnes of wood from landfill in its first six months.

The scheme started in July 2020, and had recycled 144 tonnes of pallets by November, an average of 28 tonnes a month. By mid-February it had more than doubled these figures with January alone contributing 78 tonnes.

Commercial director Allen Rees said: “We’re very proud of this scheme and of how wholeheartedly our partners have committed to ensuring that their end of life pallets do not meet unsustainable ends.”

The strategy also helps hauliers avoid the cost of sending broken or expired pallets to landfill or burning them, which adds to carbon emission levels.

TPN’s scheme encourages its haulier partners to use spare trailer space to transport broken pallets to the central hub in Minworth, where they are sorted and loaded into a trailer bound for a recycling centre.

The service is free of charge to partners, and uses spare trailer space to reduce its own carbon footprint.

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Rees added: “This is a typical TPN solution, in that it is win-win for everyone. We can provide a free solution for our partners, which saves them the cost of disposal.

“More importantly we are also lowering the carbon footprint of the industry and removing the strain on local landfills all over the UK.”

TPN has also started to accept partner pallets for its own carbon-neutral energy generation plant.

“The best solutions benefit everyone so it makes sense for everyone to participate, or to find or create a similar alternative.

“The carbon footprint of the logistics sector is substantial and it is incumbent on us all to innovate in finding ways to combine environmental sustainability with commercial sustainability.”