The Pallet Network (TPN) has launched a recycling scheme which has cut members' costs, their landfill waste and their carbon footprint.

TPN’s end-of-life pallet scheme allows members to return end-of-life pallets and other waste wood to its Minworth hub near Sutton Coldfield, where it is shipped to a plant which processes the waste into raw material for chipboard production and for use in carbon-neutral power stations.

Members save on the cost of having to regularly clear or dispose of their stacks of broken pallets.

TPN MD Mark Duggan said: “This is a perfect example of our mutual benefit principle.

“The issues and costs associated with the disposal of expired pallets and other wood waste from deliveries has long been a problem for the sector.

“Broken pallets fill landfill sites all over the country which is wasteful and bad for the environment.

“For some time, we have been working to identify a suitable solution that will both assist TPN members with a free-of-charge disposal option and improve all of our green credentials by introducing intelligent recycling.”