With the shortage of HGV drivers continuing to bite, it’s easy for operators and trade associations to focus on the problems they're facing and forget the things that make road transport a great industry to work in.

The RHA and FTA estimated earlier this year that the sector is experiencing a shortfall of some 45,000 truck drivers, a number that is only likely to go up if nothing is done to combat it.

So it’s understandable that some operators feel frustrated. But after being forewarned about the impact the Driver CPC would have on HGV driver numbers a few years ago, why do operators still report a shortage of drivers?

Maybe it’s time for the industry to start better promoting the things that make road transport a great sector to work in instead of highlighting some of the issues the industry is facing, which could be deterring jobseekers from a career in road transport.

There are a wide range of career paths to choose: from driving a top-spec 44-tonne truck and delivering goods that keep the British economy moving, to working in the traffic office and planning routes and deliveries. Larger logistics companies offer an even wider variety of roles for many different industries, from positions in the warehouse to customer service roles.

There are so many opportunities for young people and women- the demographics that the industry is keen to attract- ranging from on-the-job training to work experience for jobseekers and students.

For those not interested in truck driving, there are a wide range of apprenticeships available in all areas of the industry, from the recently government-backed supply chain operative Trailblazer apprenticeship, to schemes with truck and trailer manufacturers.

Even though HGV drivers are the main workforce the industry is looking to recruit into, these training schemes are another route into the business and may garner an interest in truck driving in the future.

Who would want to work in an industry that does not always do the best job at promoting itself? The FTA, RHA, CILT and Institute of Road Transport Engineers have set up a group which aims to improve its public image, but The Hub thinks every operator can do a little more to tell the public about how rewarding a career in logistics is.