Stan Robinson put in an “exceptional” financial performance for the year ending 31 May 2021, with profits rising by more than 200%.

Its latest results showed that revenues also increased, by 10.3% to £25.9m, from £23.4m the year before.

Pre-tax profit soared to £2.3m, compared with £748,000 in the previous period.

The company, which undertakes nationwide haulage distribution as well as storage and holds operator licences in four traffic areas authorising a total of 230 HGVs, said it had been a very successful year for the group:

“In the face of the many challenges of Covid-19, our employees responded with high levels of commitment to deliver for our customers,” it said in a review of its business. “A strong profit performance and the continued tight control on cash resulted in a very healthy cash position despite the repayment of the deferred VAT outstanding from the final quarter of last year.”

The family-owned Stafford haulier said it had invested significantly in fixed assets, with almost £1.9m spent on vehicles and an additional £470,000 committed at the year end.

“The haulage business is always exposed to diesel price risk as diesel fuel is a key supply to the transport fleet of vehicles,” it added. “With new operational efficiencies continually being sought, the directors are hopeful of profitability being sustained.”