Madrid City Council has added 109 CNG-powered Iveco Stralis trucks with Ros Roca waste collector bodies to its municipal fleet.

The vehicles, which will collect urban waste in the Spanish capital, will be built at Iveco’s Madrid factory. The factory is dedicated to manufacturing the gas-powered trucks.

Iveco said the CNG models can bring significant environmental gains over traditional diesel trucks: reducing CO₂ emissions by 10%, particulate matter by 95%, NOx by 35%, as well as delivering fuel cost savings of up to 40%.

CNG Stralis engines are also 50% to 75% quieter than a Euro-6 diesel engine, according to Iveco, reducing noise pollution by between three and six decibels.

The manufacturer added that total cost of ownership was also 10% lower than their diesel equivalent.

There are currently 43 public CNG refuelling stations and 19 LNG stations in Spain, making it the country with the most stations selling LNG in Europe.

A further nine mixed CNG/LNG stations are under construction.

Madrid’s City Council has purchased these Stralis models through a centralised state procurement system - a model of procuring goods, works and services which makes it possible for them to be used by any of the departments in the General State Administration.