Inattentive Driving+ product image

SmartDrive’s new SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ uses artificial intelligence and analysis of over 330 million risky driving events it has captured around the world to help prevent accidents due to drowsiness, smoking, phone use and other types of inattentive driving.

Previewed at ITT Hub, SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ uses a driver-facing camera to constantly monitor the attentiveness of the driver to the road and can be set to alert only the driver to potentially dangerous behavior or also send a warning to the transport manager.

SmartDrive quotes a figure of 78% of collisions being caused by inattentive driving and it estimates that its video safety programme can reduce collisions by over 50%. The programme includes 360-degree video as well as personalised reviews of footage and reports that help fleet managers target training where it is most needed.