Simon Reed, CEO, Simarco

Simarco plans to more than double its turnover in the next three years, after a series of acquisitions and investments at the 20-year old business.

Co-founder and CEO of Simarco International Simon Reed chose the firm’s anniversary to set out plans to grow the business to £100m annual turnover. Simarco had a turnover of £39m in 2016 and expects to record £47m this year.

“There is no doubt that there has been a great amount of uncertainty since last year’s referendum vote and that has understandably led to questions about what the future might hold for freight firms once the exit from the EU actually takes place.

“[But] by making sizeable, strategic investments in personnel, systems and physical facilities - coupled with an enhanced range of services - we are extremely confident about continuing to grow the business. That’s why we believe the targets which we have set are eminently achievable."

Founded in 1997 with just two staff, Simarco anticipates sales reaching £55 million by the end of 2018 with recruitment bringing the number of staff on its payroll to 302.

Simarco now has a network of nine premises around the UK - four in the company’s home town of Witham and one each in Bedford, Stoke, Burton-on-Trent, Manchester, Gloucester and Heathrow.

Two of those are the result of the acquisition of freight forwarders Formula Goss International and Sutch and Searle, and, according to Reed, leave Simarco with an “even more complete” service by road, sea and air”.