Boris Bikes at London's Waterloo station

Boris Bikes at London's Waterloo station

It appears the Safer Lorry Charge, London mayor Boris Johnson's flagship cycling safety policy/need-to-be-seen-to-be-doing something initiative, has had a new year makeover.


Due for a public consultation in 2014, word reaches The Hub that the controversial measure - being sold as ensuring all HGVs in the capital have the required sideguards and uprated mirrors, although detail remains scant - has been renamed as the Safer Lorry Scheme.

While this seems a slightly less confrontational title, it appears that introducing it hasn't proved as straightforward as TfL had hoped, with current attempts suggesting it could be enacted as a traffic regulation order.

It appears that charging for entry to a city throws up lots of legal issues, not least that it could be seen as a barrier to trade, something the EU you'll remember isn't terribly keen on.

Needless to say it doesn't look imminent. However, into this apparent temporary vacuum has stepped Jenny Jones the Green Party London Assembly Member that was calling for a lorry ban last year with London's Lawless Roads.

The report in short calls for a toughening up of the law, a change in presumed liability (away from the victim) and enforcement of 20mph limits as well as their use as a default speed limit across the capital to protect vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists).

Jones also wants TfL to have powers to enforce Advanced Stop Lines (cycle boxes), which is currently the domain of the police.