Marshalls trucks Ryder Oct 20

Ryder has delivered 100 new DAF XF480 Euro-6 tractor units with Space cabs to stone and concrete manufacturer Marshalls.

The new vehicles will be used within Marshalls’ nationwide distribution operation to deliver its products to builders' merchants and other customers, including landscaping businesses and construction companies.

The order takes Ryder’s share of Marshalls’ fleet to more than 240 vehicles and trailers, around two-thirds of the company’s fleet.

Marshalls’ relationship with Ryder began in 2008, and since then, the company has been sourcing an increasing proportion of its vehicle fleet from the company.

Ryder's director of fleet sales, John Robinson, said: "We’ve worked really hard to understand the demands of Marshalls’ transport operation, which is complex and involves a significant number, and wide range, of vehicle types. I believe Ryder’s size and strength as a business give us a real advantage in supporting a transport operation as large and diverse as Marshalls."

"Marshalls trunking fleet is based on a five-day operation with some vehicles away from the home location on ‘tramping’ runs for six straight days and nights," he explained. "Ryder’s approach to supporting the operation is two-pronged. First, Marshalls can take advantage of Ryder’s significant rental fleet, especially during the summer peak demand months, but also for breakdown cover.

"Second, we have a dedicated Ryder account management function to support their transport operations on a day-to-day basis, backed by a range of critical KPIs to monitor compliance performance in order to drive improved efficiency and continuous improvement."

Added David Grogut, asset engineering manager at Ryder: "Maximising fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are key priorities for Marshalls. The vehicles tend to carry very heavy loads so, in addition to ensuring the correct powertrain and differential ratios are specified, we looked at all options for reducing vehicle weight. Our engineers also carried out a detailed fleet review to ensure that all new equipment going into the fleet was compatible with Marshalls’ existing fleet. For example, reviewing the specification of the tractor units against the types of trailers they are being matched with."