Mandatory Credit: Photo by KPA/Zuma / Rex Features (1170795a) Siim Kallas, European Commissioner for Transport Conference on volcanic ash cloud disturbing air traffic, Eurocontrol, Brussels, Belgium - 18 Apr 2010 European Commissioner for Transport, Estonian Siim Kallas during press conference at Eurocontrol, The European Agency for the safety of air navigation headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

7) Siim Kallas, Transport Minster, European Commission

While 4m trailer heights is a problem that doesn’t seem to want to go away, Kallas and the European Commission are looking to the future. He wants to simplify cabotage rules and further liberalise the European market for road transport. And he wants to change how trucks look.

Last year the European Commission announced plans that will see a new generation of trucks with new rounded cabins and aerodynamic tail flaps appearing on Europe's roads from 2020.

Kallas, former Prime Minister of Estonia, believes amending European length restrictions - that currently restrict a trailer and cab combination to a total of 18.75m - will put the continent at the forefront of future truck design.

The 65-year-old, who will ask EU member states and the European Parliament to rubber stamp the legislation said the changes will make road transport cleaner and safer, reduce hauliers' fuel bills and give European manufacturers a head start in designing the truck of the future. That is real power.