DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain is looking to show the market “absolute clear differentiation” from its rival 3PLs under the leadership of its new UK and Ireland chief executive Paul Dyer (pictured).

Speaking exclusively to MT – in an interview that can be listened to as a podcast on the new-look – Dyer questioned the current levels of differentiation between the main 3PL players.

“Of the big 3PLs is there much differentiation between them? Our goal for the next 18 to 24 months is to show there is clear differentiation between the big 3PLs and at the same time worry about some of the newer, emerging players that are doing things a bit differently and being successful,” he said.

Dyer said over the next 12 months DHL Supply Chain would “look like a UK- and Ireland-focused business” as opposed to having sector-focused business units.

“While I don’t want to lose that focus, one of the challenges is to use our strengths and expertise more widely. Our customers want innovation and best practice from multiple sectors,” Dyer said.

pauldyerDHL Supply Chain

“A year from now you will see a one-team approach, so we can start harnessing some of our scale and expertise and have a fantastic offering against the competition.”

Looking at the long term, Dyer said in four or five years time he sees DHL Supply Chain with warehousing and transportation at the core of its business but he would like to see a more standardised approach.

He said the business needed to prove it could run warehousing and transportation better than anybody else with “more efficient working; better systems; better innovation”.

“I would like it to be a renowned supply chain management company,” Dyer added.