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Palletways Bristol has invested £8,000 in five new electric pump trucks as demand for tail lift deliveries continues to grow.

The firm, which is owned by Palletways, said the new pump trucks, supplied by SHS Handling, would help drive down the risk of accidents and reduce driver fatigue.

General manager Paul Evans said: “Tail-lift deliveries can be physically demanding for drivers and this new equipment will assist them with their day-to-day activities."

The vehicles are semi-electric, which helps reduce driver fatigue. An automatic cut-off safety feature means they’re less likely to experience a run-away incident, therefore reducing the risk of accidents.

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“This is a significant but necessary investment – Palletways is forecasting a substantial growth in the home delivery sector over the coming years and this equipment will support this future growth.”

James Ferguson, SHS Handling business development manager, said the pump trucks would also help Palletways Bristol combat driver shortages.

He said: “With driver retention being a huge issue within the transport industry, I’m sure this will help ensure Palletways attracts and keeps the best drivers.”