Pallet selfie

Palletforce has hailed the pallet selfie technology used on its fleet of forklift trucks for increasing the visibility of freight passing through its Burton upon Trent superhub.

Launched in 2019, the technology weighs, scans and takes an image of every pallet of freight passing through the network.

This improves load security and means specific pallets can be located quickly and processed.

It said the result was “unrivalled visibility” and members were now using it as a business development tool to secure new customers.

Martin Halliday, director at Palletforce member Freightforce said other networks experiencing high damages may be frightened to show what goes on in their hubs, but Palletforce was providing “complete transparency”.

He said: “We tell our customers we are proud of how we handle their goods and now we can show them too, they love the features and think pallet selfies are a great idea.”

Dean Hughes, IT director at Palletforce said: “We’ve continually invested in innovation and made a commitment to our members that Palletforce would lead the sector when it comes to pioneering technology that delivers tangible benefits for them and their customers.”