Operation Brock is being removed from the M20 in Kent this weekend just 18 days after it was implemented, after fears over heavy holiday traffic proved unfounded.

The disruption caused by its reintroduction prompted local MP Damian Green to criticise its use based solely on “worries” about possible congestion.

The contraflow system was initially designed to prevent major hold ups on Kent roads in the event of a no-deal Brexit and was removed in April, but it was then reinstated to cope with predicted high levels of holiday traffic as lockdown restrictions eased and foreign travel became easier.

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Brock legally requires HGVs and other freight heading for the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel to use the coastbound carriageway on the M20, where they will be queued if necessary.

Green said: “There hasn’t been a huge build-up of holiday travel, so actually the last two weeks of annoyance that has been caused to very many people has been unnecessary.

“I think what is important now is for the [Kent] resilience forum and everyone else to have a proper set of criteria under which Brock will be implemented in the future and just having worries about something that might happen I don’t think should be enough.”