Ocado has added another six Iveco Stralis CNG trucks to its fleet, with another 14 due to enter service shortly.

The latest batch of NP 400 4x2 tractor units forms a larger order of 31 Ivecos, with the remaining 11 being 420-horsepower diesels for use within the M25.

By the end of 2020, Ocado’s tractor fleet will reach 168 units, over a third of which will be CNG Ivecos.

It said that it’s already racked up 11.5m CNG-fuelled kilometres and with gas fuel duty at 50% of diesel until 2032 the company has already reaped financial benefits.

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Graham Thomas, Ocado fleet operations manager, said: “We chose CNG as we didn’t necessarily need the extended range offered by liquefied gas, and in terms of a refuelling experience, CNG has much more in common with diesel.

“It’s an easier transition for the drivers, and in terms of health and safety, it allowed us to adopt the changes quickly and with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.”

In February, Ocado Group doubled the number of trucks in its fleet running on natural gas after ordering 30 Stralis NP tractor units.