NFT team

NFT has signed its largest fresh produce contract since opening its flagship facility at Tilbury.

The contract is a four-way collaboration between a range of growers, importers, specialised reefer operator Sea Trade, the Port of Tilbury and NFT.

The deal will see 5,000 pallets of produce arriving weekly compromising 50% bananas and 50% pineapples.

The supply chain begins in Costa Rica, with the goods travelling 4816 nautical miles direct from Puerto Limon to Tilbury riverside in two weeks.

The co-ordinated supply chain brings together a dozen companies, and took 12 weeks of planning.

Chris Soanes, commercial director at NFT, said: “This contract demonstrates we are able to impart our specialist expertise and work collaboratively with growers, and importers who we recognise as being experts in their field to create a highly responsive and efficient supply chain into UK retailers.

"We have successful established contracts with melon and citrus importers also and this new portfolio of produces only enhances are expertise in this area.”

The key objective for all parties was to enable fast and efficient importation of fresh produce, ensuring products get from the arriving vessel to retailer faster, thus increasing shelf life.