CATrack Intercept[51297]

US firm CATrak has launched a new device to prevent catalytic converter theft which alerts the owner when a theft is in progress.

Developed in the US by CATrak Technologies, the system has been launched in the UK where thefts of catalytic converters from commercial vehicles are reported to be ten times higher than in North America.

The smart CATrak module is installed on the vehicle, as well as a separately mounted alarm and custom cut-detect module (CDT). It incorporates a loud, 140dB alarm and the real-time GPS location of the vehicle being targeted.

During an attempted theft, if the device, wiring harness or converter itself is cut, the alarm is immediately activated and the owner is notified of a theft in progress via the CATrak app.

John Rollins, CATrak co-founder and chief operations officer said: "Because of the increasing value of precious metals used to reduce emissions, thefts of catalytic converters have reached epidemic proportions all over the world.

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"Converters can be stolen in less than two minutes and enormous losses are being borne by insurance companies and fleet operators, as well as the disruption and loss of revenue from vehicles being undriveable.”

Commercial vehicle operators have become a major target for thieves and CATrak has been developed specifically to meet the needs of fleet operators.

Traditional protection for catalytic converters consists of passive anti-theft devices relying on physical barriers such as plates, cages and straps.

Whilst these devices slow thieves down they do not guarantee prevention as the thieves are increasingly proficient at removing barriers and using saws that cut directly through them.

The CATrak secure portal also allows an unlimited number of users, with various security functions, to investigate or notify security services and any preselected contacts of a theft directly via the App.

Rollins added: "We decided to launch in the UK as thefts are reported to be ten times higher than in North America.

“Criminal gangs are targeting vehicle depots and that’s why we’ve developed a system that allows each device with vehicle ID to be paired with the mobile app.

"Should a theft be attempted, any designated person can immediately see which vehicle is being tampered with, where it’s located, and take immediate action to prevent it.”