Barnsley-based Tapfreight has eradicated the need for hard copy delivery notes and protected staff in the Covid-19 crisis with a paperless solution that also provides significant efficiency gains.

The chemicals and pharmaceuticals operator said it had to act quickly when the pandemic struck in order to ensure its drivers reduced their contact with receivers of the goods.

Its transport management provider Mandata proposed a software solution which automatically transposes the name of the receiver and signature onto its electronic POD.

This is also time and date stamped and avoids all contact at the point of delivery.

Bob Milton, Tapfreight director, described the adaptation as a “lifeline” during the pandemic and it convinced customers to go paperless: “It has demonstrated to us what we already knew, that in this day and age it’s simply not necessary to lump around great wads of paper,” he said.

Milton added that the move also meant time spent printing and scanning documents was dramatically reduced, as well as removing the need to destroy all the paperwork afterwards.

He said: “Some of our customers will want to go back to the way it was, but we’re going to adopt this as policy going forward.”