Panther MAN

A new one-man delivery service has led Panther Logistics to a new contract with bed retailer Sleep Design.

The deal will see Panther handle between 600 to 800 orders for the retailer every week, the majority of which will end in home deliveries using its new solo delivery service.

Sleep Design MD Stuart Hubble said: “The fact that Panther was able to offer a range of one and two-man services was very important to us.

"We could not afford or justify the two-man service on its own for the large majority of our products but the new Solo service fits perfectly.”

Panther is yet to confirm how long the contract is for, but Hubble said he hoped to grow the company’s partnership with Panther in-line with its own developing business.

Panther MD Colin McCarthy recently completed an MBO, with the backing of private equity firm Lloyds Development Capital.

The £17m buyout heralded the retirement of former chairman Wilson Barrett, who founded the company in 1989.