MTA 2021 Low Carbon winner

Tony Stuart, head of logistics operations support, Hovis (holding trophy) collects the award from Darren Hall, MD of Fraikin (second right) with host Alexander Armstrong (far left)

Hovis is committed to continually reducing the carbon emissions of its road fleet, which comprises around 400 vehicles and 250 trailers.

In 2015, Hovis set out its carbon-reduction strategy for achieving its goals, with four key pillars underpinning the plans: cut operating miles; improve MPG; reduce or remove the need to burn diesel fuel; and driver performance and data.

Initiatives included the introduction of new 7.2-tonne ‘Convenience’ Iveco Dailies for urban deliveries, which have replaced some of its 7.5 and 12 tonners, travelling 2.5 million miles nationally on urban and inner-city routes and so far saving 35,000 gallons of fuel. The fleet currently runs 50 Convenience vehicles, with a further 50-plus being added over the next 12 months.

The use of sustainable drop-in fuel HVO across the entire fleet has also put Hovis on track to slash 40,311 tonnes of CO2 by 2022, or 91% per litre used compared to fossil diesel.

Other projects have seen the rollout of Microlise technology across the fleet and creation of a driver behaviour strategy; introduction of two battery electric 7.5-tonne eCanters; and working with customers to improve routing efficiency.

Hovis took the Microlise Driver Excellence Award for 2020 as the company with the most drivers in the top 1,000 based on telematics data from 225,000 UK drivers.

Projects during 2020 and 2021 will remove 1.3 million road miles from the operation, equating to 100,000 gallons of fuel use (based on a fleet average 13mpg). The improvements have all been achieved alongside increased sales during the pandemic without increasing the fleet size or driver pool.

The judges said: “Very impressed that Hovis is using all the tools available to it. Well-measured carbon reduction, good analysis and strong commitment to sustainability. It is doing everything right.”

"Hovis are extremely proud to have won The Low Carbon Award for 2021 and to be recognised by the industry and peers for the journey we are on to continuously reduce our road carbon footprint"

Tony Stuart, head of logistics operations support, Hovis