Meachers Global Logistics has revealed its second major commercial relationship in recent months, teaming up with French freight forwarder Morvan Fils Transit.The Southampton-based operator, which announced a tie-up with Isle of Wight haulier Steve Porter Transport last autumn, has entered into a commercial agreement to receive inbound freight from France for onward distribution across the UK.

Services being offered include full load, drop-trailer and consolidated freight consignments from across France shipped via St Malo to Portsmouth.

Meachers and Morvan Fils Transit, which is part of the Condor Group, are exploring the viability of making the arrangement reciprocal, which would see distribution of French and European outbound freight from the UK.

Condor Group pulled the plug on its Condor Logistics business, which served the Channel Islands, at the end of last year, blaming a fall in demand and a tax relief change.