Leyton-based haulier LT Baldwin Transport is delivering to foodbanks nationwide using Pallet-Track’s network members.

The company, which joined the Pallet-Track network in 2014, is collaborating with furniture and catering hire business Yahire, fresh food delivery company Scoff Meals and Vietnamese cash and carry firm Longdan to deliver essential services to the community.

One of its first jobs was to provide free food parcels to Age UK as part of Scoff Meals’ collaboration with Origin Housing which is funding care packages for its vulnerable tenants.

Working with its partners Longdan and Yahire, LT Baldwin helped distribute donations to staff at three hospitals, including North Middlesex and essential supplies and services to the NHS, supermarkets, police stations, local government, schools and utility companies.

LT Baldwin founder Lee Baldwin said: “We were honoured to be part of this collaboration.

“It’s been a pleasure to help others who have been struggling. Providing flexibility and support during our community’s most challenging times has become part of our service as well as providing food parcel donations to staff at three local hospitals.”