The first prototypes of the new van from London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) have begun production at the company’s factory in Ansty, Coventry, ahead of its debut at this year’s CV show on 28 April.

The prototypes will be deployed as test vehicles and undergo a strict development and homologation programme including hot and cold climate testing, durability and crash testing.

LEVC’s electric van is constructed using lightweight aluminium architecture and is 30% lighter than a conventional steel body, resistant to any form of rust and can reportedly absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel.

It also has a city-friendly turning circle of 10.1m and offers total cost of ownership.

LEVC chief executive Joerg Hofmann, commented: “Prototype stage is an important milestone in our new electric van’s development process as we stay on track towards full production in Q4.

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“This new van satisfies the growing demand for zero-emissions vehicles in the 1-tonne segment, currently dominated by diesel products, and combines this with extended mileage capability to totally eliminate any range-anxiety. It’s an intelligent green mobility solution for any commercial vehicle operator.”

Using TX e-City range extender technology, LEVC insists the van will set new standards in green logistics with 80 miles (130km) of emissions-free driving and an extended electrically driven total range of over 370 miles (600km).

Its flexible range allows it to offer a ‘distribution to door’ – not just last mile – service, providing the critical link between out of town depots and city centres.