Logistics UK is to host a webinar outlining its 'Route to net zero' on transport day at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on November 10. LUK said "it is clear that the climate crisis is now one of the most pressing challenges facing the global community and the UK government and logistics industry must play their parts and take radical steps to protect the future of our planet".

In the webinar, which is open for anyone to attend, chief executive David Wells will present the group’s route map to help decarbonise logistics across all transport modes – air, road, sea and rail – and detail the measures industry needs from government and other stakeholders to make this a reality. With net zero by 2050 a "non-negotiable deadline", it is essential that all businesses are as prepared as they can be for the complete decarbonisation of logistics.

Wells will be joined by representatives of businesses which have signed up to Logistics UK’s latest environmental initiative – the 'Route to net zero' commitment – who will be presenting their decarbonisation strategies and providing guidance for other organisations keen to move to a carbon-free operation.