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Temperature-controlled logistics giant Lineage Logistics has expanded its Peterborough warehouse to create its South East Superhub.

The launch follows the expansion of Lineage’s Northern Superhub near Manchester, in September 2021, which added 22,000 pallet positions in a state-of-the-art facility.

The new, fully-automated warehouse expansion in Peterborough, has added another 45,000 pallet positions, bringing its total capacity to nearly 71,000 pallets.

This latest facility upgrade brings Lineage’s total automated warehouse count in the UK to six, which gives the UK division a total of 335,000 automated pallet positions.

The US temperature controlled behemoth, which acquired frozen food specialist Yearsley Group in 2018, said the Superhub, which will serve both retail and foodservice customers, features some of the world’s most sophisticated automation and refrigeration technology, which will help reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of food distribution.

The South East Superhub also has data-driven solutions to optimize energy use, with precision cooling cycles and full automation to minimize energy leakage.

Harld Peters, Lineage’s president for its European division, said: “We are investing in the future of food supply chain across Europe, using the latest technology, data analytics and green solutions to help feed the world in the most efficient way possible.

“Our Peterborough Superhub is the latest demonstration of Lineage’s ongoing commitment to our UK customers and an indication of our aim to be a leader in this crucial sector across Europe.”

Tim Moran, Lineage’s senior vice president for operations in Europe, added: “At a time of supply chain volatility, Lineage’s Peterborough Superhub will play a key role in ensuring a reliable food supply in the most densely populated part of the UK.

“Additionally, we’ll be able to meet growing customer demand from both online and conventional grocery sales, an accelerated trend coming out of the pandemic as well as the disruption of supplies stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Greg Lehmkuhl, Lineage president and chief executive officer, said the two Superhubs “highlight Lineage’s commitment to adapting to our customers’ demands as consumer expectations shift in the UK and around the globe.

“We are, and have always been, 100% focused on our customers and their extended supply chains, and we are pleased to make these significant investments, create more than 230 much-needed jobs and provide expanded access to our next-generation cold storage network.”