Monarch Hiab

Monarch Metals has invested in two Hiab hookloaders to transport and manage scrap metal on site.

The Multilift XR7S has been fitted to a DAF LF and the Multilift Ultima 24S hookloader has been fitted to Monarch’s CF and join a fleet which already includes a Hiab hookloader.

Jason Watson, operations director at Monarch Metals, said: “We made our first purchase from Hiab in 2019 and felt the benefits immediately.

“Reliable, high-quality and unparalleled performance meant that as soon as we needed to expand our fleet Hiab was our go-to option.”

Dek Butler, Hiab UK Multilift specialist, said: “The multilift range really is next generation in regards to its technology.

“We’re delighted Monarch Metals are benefitting from such features and using the equipment to help accelerate their business.”

The scrap metal firm holds a licence for five HGVs operating out of an Oldham base.