Knowles Transport’s ability to handle the storage and distribution for The Silver Spoon Company has resulted in its client sweetening the deal and extending the contract for another five years.

The Cambridgeshire-based haulier has been responsible for all of the sugar company’s handling and transport requirements for the last three years, having won the contract following a tendering exercise.

The Silver Spoon Company said it was attracted by Knowles’ proximity to its location, coupled with their customer centric ethos and the fact it remained a family business.

Bob Dunn, Silver Spoon logistics manager, said the haulier also stepped up during lockdown when demand for baking ingredients soared: “They pulled out all the steps throughout,” he said. “Everything we needed them to do was done.”

Dunn added: “Knowles is proactive with their ideas, flexible and can quickly adapt to market demands and scale up quickly.”