London tipper operator Keltbray Group has opted to fit the DawesGuard safety device across its fleet vehicles following a 12-week trial of the system.

The DawesGuard creates a physical shield across the ‘danger zone’ between the front and rear axles of construction vehicles to prevent a person being dragged under the rear wheels.

Fixed above the DawesGuard is the Dawes PeoplePanel, made from shatterproof plastic, which is fitted over existing under-run bars to reduce the risk of entanglement of clothing or bicycle parts.

Both devices have been tested out on Keltbray Group’s London operation and trialled in a range of environments both on and off road.

Keltbray head of haulage operations Terry Good, said: “We have now carried out an extensive trial of the DawesGuard and believe this device will prevent vulnerable road users getting trapped underneath the nearside of one of our vehicles.”

He added: “We are also satisfied that the inflatable barrier does not negatively impact on the driving performance of our vehicles, and that the retractable mechanism, which can be applied on uneven and off road sites, is easy to operate for our drivers.”

The operator, which runs a 40-strong 100% Scania fleet of tippers, will be retrofitting eight units with the Dawes devices in the coming weeks, with all new trucks also fitted with the system as the fleet is updated within the next 18 months.

James Dawes, MD of Dawes Highway Safety and inventor of the system, said: “Keltbray have put the DawesGuard through a tough and rigorous trial process and we’re very pleased with the outcome.”

Keltbray Group have also committed to fitting Scania additional passenger door windows to all new vehicles joining the fleet to boost drivers' direct visibility of cyclists alongside the vehicle.