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Johnston Logistics UK’s deliveries of anti-bacterial wipes on behalf of client Dynamic Wipes to Asda supermarkets have increased almost threefold during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Norfolk-based company is delivering around five containers a day from Felixstowe Port, via the company’s Snetterton depot in East Anglia, where the goods are decanted and distributed to Asda supermarkets across the UK.

The firm’s deliveries of Dynamic Wipes products have increased by 286% since March with no sign of demand tailing off.

“Following the national campaign for better hand and general hygiene, we saw an instant uplift in the number of household wipes we handle for Dynamic Wipes and Asda” said Rob McIndoe, logistics director at Johnston Logistics UK. “The UK’s cleanly habits appear to be here to stay as the volume of wipes remains high”

Johnston Logistics UK is a key supplier to Asda supermarkets delivering household products including laundry detergents as well as 50% of the wine sold in Asda’s UK stores via its HMRC-authorised bonded and customs warehouse.

McIndoe added: “These have been extraordinary times with extraordinary challenges for our clients in food, drink and essential household goods. This was another time where our close relationship with both supplier and retailer has helped keep their customers well stocked throughout.”