Arocs 3248 - JC Balls (21)

Belper-based JC Balls & Sons has added a third MirrorCam-equipped Mercedes-Benz Arocs to its fleet, thanks to positive feedback from its drivers.

The 8x2 Arocs 3248 with a ClassicSpace L-cab and rear-steer axle was supplied by Northside Truck & Van and has a ‘cheese wedge’ plant body fitted with a 50 tonne/metre PM 50.5 SP crane.

MirrorCam relays images to a pair of 15-inch screens mounted on the A-pillars and adapt automatically to provide the driver with a clear view of the full length of the semi-trailer.

“The drivers really like MirrorCam,” said JC Balls director Chris Balls.

“The lads in the artics appreciate the fact that the cameras follow the trailer, so they can always see the corner when reversing.

“Also, of course, drivers no longer have a big slab of mirror housing in front of them.

“MirrorCam has effectively done away with a major, forward-facing blind spot and they can now see a lot more of what’s going on around them, particularly at the approaches to roundabouts.”