Hundreds of jobs at XPO Logistics’ depot in Stone, Staffordshire are under threat after Sainsbury’s decision to transfer its operations to a new national DC.

The supermarket giant plans to move its operations from Stone to its new frozen food DC in Northampton in early 2019.

XPO Logistics, which owns and operates the Stone site, has begun consultation procedures with the 275 Stone site employees ahead of the transfer.

Staff at Stone include drivers, transport and logistics staff and warehouse operators.

This is the second site to be hit by Sainsburys’ restructuring of its frozen food distribution operation.

The retailer is moving operations from its own DC in Elstree, Borehamwood  to its Northampton DC in 2018. The 325,000ft² replacement facility is being built next to Sainsbury’s existing 625,000ft² DC in Prologis Park, Pineham, and will open in early 2018.

An XPO spokeswoman told “We have been informed that the operations currently associated with our facility in Stone will be moving to another location. At this stage, we have entered into a consultation period with colleagues, the trade union and elected representatives to finalize the plans and the transition to the new location from early 2019.

She added: “Our goal is to look for a solution for the Stone site, which is owned and operated by XPO Logistics, and opportunities for those employees after the transition.”

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said: "We announced our intention to move to a new facility back in August to give our colleagues and XPO as much notice as possible.

“The move is vital to the success of our distribution network, and will enable us to deliver great quality products, as well as great value to our customers."