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The Hazchem Network is raising awareness of the need to rely on ADR carriers for the transport of lithium ion batteries as their use increases across the globe.

As transport shifts away from conventional fuels towards zero emission alternatives, lithium batteries are increasingly relied on to power vehicles, as well as being used in consumer electronics and solar equipment.

But The Hazchem Network has warned that many people are unaware that ADR hauliers are required to transport batteries with a power rating above 100Wh, due to the risk of them catching fire.

Hazchem boss Rob Symes said even batteries below 100Wh may still require ADR and this must always be checked with a dangerous goods safety adviser.

“These batteries are helping to move us away from dirtier forms of fuel, however, as technology improves then more power is being stored in smaller devices,” Symes said.

“There is a risk of fire associated with these batteries and that is the reason that the more powerful items need to be handled by ADR hauliers.

“We have all seen stories in the news about these fires, and no-one wants to be responsible for one of these due to consigning freight the wrong way.”