The Hazchem Network has reported growing optimism from its members after 10% of the lost volumes caused by the lockdown returned within the last week.

It said just days after the government’s stark announcement in March for the UK to self-isolate, the network saw volumes plummet by 30% overnight.

However, it was now seeing signs of recovery.

Hazchem Network MD Robert Symes said: “Our members are reporting that their customers and associated businesses are now starting to re-open.

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“It will take a bit of time for companies to find ways to operate safely, so there is going to be a delay before the effects are seen properly.

“We anticipate a gradual increase in volume rather than a sharp jump, but there has clearly been an improvement.”

At the beginning of May, Symes said it had seen an increase in enquiries from companies wanting to sign up as new members, which was down in part to it carving out a successful niche: “Being in the network allows members to tender for a wider range of work, this is invaluable in the current climate,” he said.

“Every single one of our members carry ADR and so we can provide the reassurance that hazardous freight, whether it is full-ADR or limited quantities, will be handled properly and by qualified personnel – no other network can do that.”