Attracting new HGV drivers to the industry means fixing the country’s ailing parking provisions according to Goldstar Transport, which has now launched a new campaign.

It said every driver had a story to tell about the poor quality of rest stops, the lack of security and insufficient facilities and despite the fact the government acknowledged in 2010 there was a significant shortfall, little had been done to rectify the situation.

The Suffolk haulier said no other industry had to make do with similar inadequate conditions and it called on businesses to put pressure on the government to ensure designated HGV stops had all the facilities for the number of HGV spaces they advertised – including lighting, fencing, CCTV and appropriate security.

Steve Jones, Goldstar Transport general manager, said: “We recognise the high standards some HGV parking facilities provide and thank companies like Snap for making it easier for drivers to access facilities, but we believe there needs to be more safe, secure and suitable places for HGV drivers to rest.

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“We shouldn’t be having to advise our drivers of no-go locations.”

The company said the HGV driver crisis could only be curbed if people were confident it was an industry they wanted to build a career within.

“In an industry where breaks are mandatory, strict rules prevent our drivers from driving further to what might be considered a safer stop,” added Jones.

“A network of quality, secure rest stops across the UK should be mandatory too.”