Ipswich-based Go Freight Transport has closed its doors and appointed an insolvency practitioner.

The company, which had an operating licence for 42 trucks and 62 trailers with another under consideration, specialises in container haulage.

Insolvency practitioner LB Insolvency has informed drivers that “the company is no longer in a position to make payment to you for services rendered under your contract of employment. You should regard your employment as terminated as of 11 February 2020.”

The company, which was not answering calls today (21 February 2020), has testimonials on its website from clients which include EV Cargo’s All Ports Cargo Services and Toll Global Forwarding.

The company is believed to have suffered from the slump in traffic through UK ports following the outbreak of coronavirus in China, with China to Europe trade expected to fall by 20% in the first three months of 2020.

According to Companies House, Go Freight Transport is owned by Tony Belton, Nick Newman and Go Marine Investment Group.

Nick Newman was senior transport manager at All Port Cargo Services before joining Go Freight Transport. Belton also worked for All Port Cargo Services as a container transport manager before moving to Go Freight Transport. Go Marine Investment Group is owned by Rachel McCall, who is also the owner of Go Resource Management.

LB Insolvency told MT today that the partner at LB Insolvency appointed to deal with Go Freight Transport was unavailable to comment. The directors of Go Freight Transport have yet to respond to requests for comment.