Union GMB is to ballot members at Bidvest Logistics after the company reconsidered the amount it was to increase employees’ pay by.

The union said Bidvest had originally offered employees a 1% increase in basic pay, but this was cut to 0.8% to allow it to meet its national living wage obligations for drivers’ assistants.

Ahead of the ballot tomorrow (Friday 14 October), the union recommended that members rejected the pay increase and vote in favour of industrial action which may include a strike.

GMB said it had been trying to hold discussions with the company since April, but had been met with a number of delays.

GMB national officer Mick Rix described the pay offer as “an absolute shambles” and “an insult to the hard work, and loyalty that our members have given the company”.

He said: "They have offered 1% - which is derisory in itself - they then cut that offer to 0.8% to take out of the many employees pockets and for the company to then subsidise a smaller group of employees on the company’s minimum legal obligations regarding the so-called national living wage of £7.20 per hour for those aged 25 and over.”

A Bidvest Logistics spokeswoman said: “We are working constructively with GMB Union and Unite Union to agree a pay increase for Bidvest Logistics employees. These negotiations are in the early stages, we are hopeful that an outcome will be agreed soon and we haven’t had any indication from them or our team about possible industrial action at this stage.

"Following the ballot process, if our offer is not accepted, we will work with GMB and Unite on behalf of our employees to reach a resolution. We do not expect there will be any impact to our service or deliveries to customers.”