DPD dartford

GeoPost has introduced a new brand for its international parcel delivery network, after a year of growth.

The group’s multiple European subsidiaries are to unite under the identity of DPDgroup. A new look for the DPD brand (pictured) was revealed in line with the announcement, and will be rolled out across Europe in the next two to three years.

Speaking at a press conference in Paris earlier this week, GeoPost president Paul-Marie Chavanne revealed 2014 had seen parcel volumes rise by 10.7 per cent and turnover rise by 13.3% to €4.9 billion.

In the UK, where the group saw a revenue growth of 20%, the well-established Interlink Express brand will retain its identity, but will

new pdp group

gradually adopt the DPDgroup signature underneath its logo.

GeoPost UK CEO Dwain McDonald said: "Today is an exciting milestone for the company as we unite together as one connected brand throughout Europe under the banner of DPDgroup.

"Our new shared visual identity sends a clear message to the market that we are one seamless group across Europe, with a drive to give customers the most convenient, simple and flexible parcel delivery service.”