FreshLinc Gray & Adams LSTs

Refrigerated distribution specialist FreshLinc has taken delivery of four new longer semi-trailers from Gray & Adams.

The four 14.6m long trailers, fitted with Carrier Vector dual-temperature fridges and BPW self-steer axles, can carry 28 pallets each – two more than a standard 13.6m trailer. They will be used for intensive trunking operations between Spalding, Lincs, and Scotland.

Group fleet engineer Andy Marchant told the trailers, which cost around £220,000 in all, had been constructed with extra strengthening components a metre in from the rear so that they could be easily converted to a standard 13.6m length if the government suddenly pulled the plug on the longer semi-trailer trial.

FreshLinc will be monitoring the trailers to see how consistently extra pallets are carried and how drivers cope with the rear-steer axle and extra overhang, he added. Assuming all goes well, it may seek to extend its allocation. “If it works, we’ll look to take some more,” said Marchant.