TfL has appointed a private consortium to run Clocs and roll the work-related road risk scheme out across the UK, which could potentially see the introduction of fees.

The Clocs Secretariat and Administration will focus on engaging public authorities, planners and procurers to mandate Clocs for all construction contracts.

The secretariat comprises construction procurement specialist SECBE, the Construction Clients Leadership Group, procurement group LHC, Build UK and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

It will work to “embed, monitor, promote and expand the Clocs standard”.

While Clocs participants have not previously been audited or monitored for compliance except by gate staff on construction sites, the consortium will send auditors into operator fleets to check compliance levels.

Project director Derek Rees said that while pricing has not been discussed, it is likely that TfL, the principal investor in Clocs, will not wish to pay for the scheme once it is national.

He suggested that other local authorities or customers mandating Clocs from their contractors could pay for it.

However, its sister scheme Fors has put the bill with hauliers.

The meaning of Clocs has changed from "Construction logistics and cycle safety" to "community safety".

By Louise Cole