Dan Cook, Europa Road Operations Director

Europa Worldwide Group has invested in 70 new trailers for its Europa Road division.

Replacing existing units, the 40 new Krone vari-deck box trailers from ICTS Group are UK registered and equipped with height-adjustable loading beams for double deck transport to accommodate both European and UK pallets.

In addition, 30 new curtainsiders are arriving from Trailer Resources.

Stuart Kirk, fleet manager at Europa Road said: “We’re thrilled with the addition of the new trailers which will be fully integrated into our European road operation and used on routes throughout the UK and Europe.

“Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a slight delay with collecting the trailers. The first half from ICTS have been collected in Rotterdam and the remaining ones are due to join us at the end of May. Subject to production lead times, the 30 curtainsiders are due to arrive at Europa at the same time.”

Europa Road operations director Dan Cook (pictured) said: "The decision to invest in the fleet was made more than six months ago, to ensure we continue to have the most effective fleet set up and facilitate our ambitious growth plans, following a successful year in 2019, that saw Europa Road’s turnover increase from £108m to £122m.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce the overall number of trailers, by ensuring the ones we have are as homogenous as possible, ideally one type of box and one type of curtain, and that they all contain the relevant attributes - tracking, security locks, vari deck loading, usable on the continent and the UK. This will allow us to maximise the flexibility and optimisation of the fleet. In other words, any trailer can be used for any purpose.”

Europa employs more than 950 people across its six divisions – Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, Europa Warehouse, Europa Showfreight, Europa Contact Centre and Continental Cargo Carriers.