DX has launched a new portal for members of its DX Exchange network, which it said is widely used by UK legal, financial and governmental institutions.

The new portal enables the secure digital sharing of fully-encrypted files for customers, both within their own organisations and externally, at no additional cost. Full digital signature services are also integrated to allow for the secure review and certification of documents.

Data from the portal is protected with 'military-grade' encryption that follows a zero-knowledge protocol to ensure files are only accessible by the customer. All data is hosted on secure cloud servers located in the UK.

The move comes only two days after Grant Thornton quit as DX Group’s auditor after raising concerns about being provided with “inaccurate information” and “insufficient access” to documents relating to a corporate governance inquiry being carried out at the company.

However DX group remained defiant, stating the auditor’s concerns do not “accurately reflect the current situation”.

Last November it emerged that an ongoing internal investigation was preventing Grant Thornton from signing off on the company’s 2021 accounts. The delay resulted in DX’s shares on AIM being suspended in January this year.

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Later in 2022, the new exchange portal will enable members to access DX’s tracked delivery network and send physical documents and parcels easily, with generated despatch labels. DX’s secure network offers next-day delivery to business and residential addresses across the UK, as well as to other DX Exchange members.

Plans are also underway to offer an international express delivery option via the portal, working alongside a global delivery partner.

Access to the  portal is included in the membership of every customer of the DX Exchange network, which it said represented a significant expansion of services.

The launch follows a successful pilot with a group of DX Exchange customers completed in in the final quarter of 2021. It is currently being rolled out to all members of the DX Exchange network.

DX chief executive Lloyd Dunn said: “The launch of the exchange portal marks a significant expansion of DX Exchange’s offering.

“Using the portal, customers will now be able to share files with enhanced security. It brings DX’s reputation for secure document sharing to the digital world. The portal also enables easy access to our document and parcels network for the secure delivery of physical items.

“This launch is the latest example of our commitment to investing in and improving our services to all DX customers as we continue to grow the business.”