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Less than a fifth of UK fleet and mobility managers want the government to focus on reducing pollution caused by transport, according to research by Arval.

The finding, from research arm Arval Mobility Observatory (AMO), has surprised the vehicle funding and fleet management company, which said it “doesn’t ring true” in its experience of talking to customers.

When asked ‘What areas would you like the government to concentrate on with regards to transport?’ just 18% of the 5,600 businesses in 20 countries said they wanted a reduction in pollution from transport.

Topping the list was road improvements (47%), reducing congestion (45%) and companies to be incentivised (34%).

Responding to the pollution finding, Shaun Sadlier, AMO UK head, said: “When Arval are talking to customers, this is an important consideration and simply doesn’t ring true with our experiences.

“What it may instead reflect is the fact that much is already being done in this area - from zero benefit-in-kind on electric vehicles to the creation of Clean Air Zones.

“There is already considerable action underway.”

Sadlier added that the current government appeared more favourably disposed towards major road investments than any seen in a while: “It will be interesting to see if there is a perception over time that congestion is improving," he said. "Although the nature of these schemes is that they take a long time to come to fruition.”