SAICA livery on trailers. Downton operations at SAICA, Carrington, Manchester.

CM Downton has bought 10 new Cartwright trailers to support growth on its long-running Saica Paper contract.

The operator has been working with the Spanish paper manufacturer since 2012. The deal is worth an estimated £3m a year.

The 10 new trailers have reinforced curtains with a wrap-around design, five of which are in a new Saica livery.

Designed to stop any water getting into the trailers to damage paper reels, the new vehicles are built with watertight non-slip floors, enhanced front roof caps and a separate filter in the roof to prevent any condensation.

Downton moves 13,000 loads of recovered paper into Saica's paper mill in Manchester and 3,000 loads out of it for the company every year, which equates to around 65 loads every day.

David Hutchings, head of business development at CM Downton, said: “We have been working closely with Saica Paper for over six years, and have demonstrated strong service levels, resulting in our recent contract extension.

"Continuous improvement has played a key role in this partnership, and this is a great example of how we are able to provide innovative solutions to enhance the client’s service levels and profitability.”