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Leeds-based Clipper Logistics is continuing its partnership with Iveco and dealer group Northern Commercials, after adding 89 new trucks to its 500-strong fleet, of which 95% are Iveco.

Twenty six of the new trucks are new Iveco S-WAY 6x2 tractor units with AS sleeper cabs. All are and painted white with Clipper’s trademark bright green livery.

The 11.1-litre CURSOR 11 provides 460hp and 2,150Nm of torque via the 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic transmission.

The vehicles will run out of Clipper’s 16 transport operation centres nationally, line-haul trunking for supermarket, cosmetics and fashion retail customers and some radial store replenishment and delivery of click & collect orders.

The vehicle spec includes a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with TomTom LIVE navigation plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Clipper’s transport operations director, Mick Doe, said: “We had brilliant feedback from the demonstrators we trialled and those drivers already in the new trucks absolutely love them. They say it’s the first time that they feel a vehicle has properly been designed having taken them into account.

“That is key for us, in a world where there is a shortage of drivers. We need to do everything we can to look after this valuable team resource & maximise their efficiency.”

As some operations run double-manned teams through the night, the trucks have been ordered with an air suspended passenger seat and independent night heater and fridge.

The vehicles have been fitted with a Smart top bunk for additional storage and a 3-piece folding lower bunk with flip-down table to give a dedicated seating and dining area for the driver and driver’s mate.

“As we are a major fashion logistics player, we cube out the trailers long before we run into weight limit issues, so we can afford to introduce high level of specification within the cabs to provide a great workspace for our driving teams,” Doe added.

The remaining 63 vehicles are 18t Eurocargo 4x2 MLL sleeper cabs, bodied with a 28ft glass-reinforced plastic box and 1.5t capacity tuck-under tail lift. The firms Eurocargo are split between fashion retail and public sector contracts.

The Eurocargo has been chosen to maximise cargo space and allow manoeuvrability in urban areas. All meet one star London Direct Vision Standards (LDVS) with windows fitted to lower sections of the nearside doors on the production line at the Brescia factory in Italy.

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Power is provided by the 250hp 6-cylinder 6.7-litre TECTOR 7 via an automated gearbox and includes Ivec’s patented HI-SCR exhaust after-treatment system.

The cabs are fitted with night heaters, bunks and double passenger benches. All vehicles come with panic alarms and sequential procedure immobilisers to protect drivers and valuable loads.

Front, side, and driver-facing CCTV cameras also feature with the in-cab monitor enlarging the nearside camera view when the corresponding directional indicator is activated for maximum visibility over a common blind spot.

A 4G connection allows any incidents to be reviewed from base immediately and includes a tacho download function.

Clipper is running the vehicles on an operating lease with Iveco’s 3XL R&M for the duration of the contract.

Under the lease, the Iveco S-WAY fleet is expected to cover 170,000 km annually with the Eurocargo travelling 130,000 km a year on a five-year

Doe added: “We have a long-term relationship with Northern Commercials, a great mutual understanding for what each other need.”

“What we’ve done over time is curate a standard Clipper specification for different variants. As we’ve deuroceveloped our safety requirements, they’ve updated our prerequisites with the associated bodybuilders so I know that I can call Roger Peel and ask, for example, for ‘12 18-tonne Eurocargo in standard Clipper spec’ and he’ll know exactly what to order us in terms of vehicle and body.

“The vehicles are always maintained by an Iveco authorised repairer with Northern Commercials managing the aftersales relationships with local dealerships for each vehicle operating base”.

Iveco UK heavy business-line director, Gareth Lumsdaine, said: “It’s fantastic to see Iveco S-WAY appealing to large fleets and flagship owner-driver operations too. Especially gratifying is how the design and cab interior specifications can meet broadly differing demands so comprehensively.”

“The comments from Clipper’s drivers are testament to the efforts applied by the engineers and designers to produce a vehicle that appeals to all operators through bold styling and competitive TCO while ensuring that the driver is always the top priority.

“Eurocargo remains a robust choice for a huge variety of missions, and we’re proud to see the important work they do to keep the retail sector and healthcare in operation,” he added.