Bullet Express is sending a trailer of donations from Glasgow to London to provide aid to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

David McCutcheon, MD at Bullet Express, said that it’s gathering donations from people all over the UK in order to send the truck to London on Sunday evening, to arrive Monday morning.

He told MT: “I watched the news yesterday, and there were people just standing in the street in their dressing gowns. They had no money, no clothes, everything was gone. They didn’t have their cards to go and get money. It’s absolutely horrific.

"There’s no knowing the pain they’d have gone through in the fire, but to be stood there afterwards with nothing is just horrific. We just decided to do something.”

Bullet is working with charity Glasgow the Caring City, which it has supported in the past.

McCutcheon said the major contributions will be coming from its customers, “who are supplying us with water and soap, and just the basics”.

Donations include a contribution from long-standing customer Irn Bru and goods from a customer in Dublin who are sending goods to its Glasgow HQ tonight.

“We send trucks to London every day”, said McCutcheon, “and we’ll find a return load. The staff have jumped on the cause, which has been great."

To offer a contribution to Bullet Express, email Audrey@bulletexpress.co.uk.