Norwich-based hauliers MA & HV Medler has entered into a three-year partnership with Bridgestone, after being impressed with the tyre company’s efforts to keep costs down for the haulier during the pandemic.

MA & HV Medler specialises in general haulage, transporting bricks, blocks, roof tiles, insulation and general building materials with their tautliners and Moffett vehicles along with top soil and agricultural goods with bulkers and aggregate trailers.

The haulier, which has its headquarters at Marsham, operates more than 100 vehicles over the three centres, 90% of which are trailer units. It also operates bulkers, aggregates and Moffetts and all of which now run on Bridgestone products.

Simon Pegg (pictured left), operations manager at MA & HV Medler, said: “Bridgestone continually fought hard to keep our costs down during our most challenging times and we felt that they were more than just a tyre supplier, but a business that really cared about us.

“What impressed us most was Bridgestone’s support and commitment. They check all the removed tyres and ensure that their full-life has been reached. If they have more miles left, they are repaired and returned for re-fitment.

“We found Bridgestone very flexible and always available and very attentive to any issues that may arise. The overall package that Bridgestone offered us in terms of product and support along with the choice of service provider with the transparency of cost has been an experience that exceeded our expectations.”

MA & HV Medler uses Bridgestone’s FleetBridge tyre reporting system, which provides transparency on the condition of every tyre on each vehicle.

Pegg added that they opted for Bridgestone products for front steel axles and Firestone tyres for all drive axles and trailer fitment.

“We have used these products for many years and they have never let us down; they are very dependable. The mileage return and wear-efficiency make them extremely cost effective for us,” he added.

Bridgestone’s national fleet executive Neil Collison (right) said: “We have got to know the team at MA & HV Medler really well and have built up a good understanding of the business and its needs.

“We were able to support the fleet during the global pandemic and demonstrate a number of cost and time savings which resonated during negotiations.”