BCA Marketplace has restructured its supply chain operations following its acquisitions of Paragon Automotive and car preparation firm Ambrosetti last year.

The new structure sees BCA run four different business units, with BCA Automotive handling multiple vehicle logistics and BCA Logistics providing single vehicle movements. BCA Fleet Solutions will handle defleet and refurbuishment services, while BCA Vehicle Services provides services for new fleets.

It claims that the combined operations creates “the largest fleet of vehicle transporters in the UK” with over 700 vehicles. It also includes a network of 25 de-fleet sites that will manage over one million vehicles a year

BCA executive chairman Avril Palmer-Baunack, said: “This new structure means BCA strengthens its operations covering the vehicle lifecycle.

“The new national network of sites creates industry-leading capacity,” she added, “and the ability to create efficient solutions and economies of scale spanning new vehicle, in-life and de-fleet services.”