Luke Braddow

Baxter Freight has appointed a new UK operations manager.

Luke Braddow (pictured) will start his role working remotely, along with the rest of the business, ensuring that it remains open and operational during the UK lockdown.

The company said video conferencing had enabled Braddow to see and speak to his new colleagues and its afterwork virtual socials have provided the opportunity to mix and mingle with the wider team.

Baxter said Braddow brings with him over a decade of freight and transport experience and has in-depth knowledge of moving lots of different types of freight around the UK.

Jari Rasmussen, Baxter Freight’s head of operations, said: “At such a time when many companies may be hesitant in taking on new members of staff, Luke’s previous experience has undoubtedly helped towards his remote onboarding, but we can certainly see that it can be done - and done well.”