Ryder Bacton Mar 21 1

Bacton Transport in Suffolk has taken delivery of 12 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2543 tractor units for use on one of its supermarket distribution contracts.

The units were supplied by Ryder from its existing fleet and the haulier said it had no qualms about taking on defleeted vehicles.

Nick Newman, general manager of the Stowmarket haulier, said: “The average mileage on these vehicles is 220,000km - we hand vehicles back with anything upward of 750,000km, so that kind of mileage is not a concern for us.

“I know Ryder maintained and prepared the trucks, so I’m not worried. We haven't had any issues with them, and we’re getting good fuel figures out of them.”

The vehicles are covered by Ryder’s collision damage reducer (CDR) package, an extension of its motor fleet insurance, which provides cover for the full contract value of the vehicle and not just the market value for lease units.