arrow dafs

Arrow XL has spent £2m on 40 new 7.5-tonne DAF LFs.

The two-man delivery firm chose the vehicles after asking its drivers for feedback on their requirements.

"If you want to know about driving, ask a driver," Arrow XL CEO Charlie Shiels told MT.

"The drivers gave us 12 things they wanted and we've given them 11, and the one thing we didn't meet wasn't possible."

Features requested by the delivery teams include electric mirrors and tinted glass.

The trucks have safety features including an Automatic Emergency Braking System and Forward Collision Warning. They are all fitted with anti-idling features, which shuts of the engine if the vehicle is stationary for more than five minutes.

Shiels, who has just confirmed he will be the permanent CEO of Arrow XL, said: "This year alone we have already invested £1.7 million expanding and modernising our warehouse and distribution centre in Wigan, as well as spending in excess of £1m with UniCarriers to upgrade the materials handling equipment across our network.

"These investments are designed to ensure that we continue to deliver high standards of customer service, whilst promoting safety and environmental responsibility.

Delivery has commenced of the new vehicles, which will be distributed between Arrow's sites in Wigan, Airdrie, Droitwich and Enfield.

Arrow XL recently commenced rebuilding work on its Worcestire site, which burnt down earlier this year. Shiels said the new facility will be "bigger, fatter, taller, wider" than its predecessor, and should be operational by summer 2019.